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Prices:  All prices are FOB Rosebrook Nursery, Oklahoma City, OK and are subject to change without notice.

Credit: Credit is available with Rosebrook Nursery's acceptance of a credit application.  At least 4 trade references are needed.  Allow 4 weeks for processing.  Open accounts are due net 30 days.  Past due accounts are subject to a finance charge assessment of 1.5% per month (18% per annum). Orders cannot be booked until all overdue invoices are paid in full.

Deposit:  With approved credit, no deposit required. Without credit, 20% deposit required before digging, remaining 80% due upon pick-up or before shipping.

Cancellations:  All cancellations must be received in writing 30 days before scheduled shipping.

Shipping:  Rosebrook Nursery can arrange shipment, shipping charges can be quoted upon request.  In the event Rosebrook Nursery arranges for shipment of stock, the customer will be responsible for all transportation charges and any other expenses reasonably incurred in the transportation of the customer's order.

Risk of Loss:  Risk of loss will pass to the customer at the time that trees are loaded for shipment.  On customer pick-up, risk of loss will pass to the customer at the time that the tree order is dug.

Warranties and Guarantees:  Rosebrook Nursery gives no warranty or guarantee, express or implied to any customer or customer's agents, heirs, assigns, successors or representatives, or any third party as to the life, description, quality, productiveness, merchantability, fitness for purpose, or fitness for particular use beyond the description of the plants as true to name, properly grown and correctly graded at the time of purchase.  Rosebrook Nursery assumes no responsibility for results after planting.

Limitation on Liability:  In the event a claim or dispute arises, Rosebrook Nursery may only be held liable for a sum equal to or less than the amount originally received for any stock.  Claims will be considered on paid in full orders only if received in writing within ten (10) calendar days from the date of shipping at Rosebrook Nursery, 2300 SW 89th, Suite A, Oklahoma City, OK  73159.  Furthermore, we shall not be liable for shortages or delays resulting from circumstances beyond our control.